IKAR is a modern world-class producer of liquid fertilizers. IKAR technologies – effective liquid fertilizers which are unique in their formula, one of the best teams of agrotechnicians and professional technological solutions.

IKAR technology has a unique and clear product classification, which gives the possibility to choose effective products from the following six IKAR product classes with more accuracy:

·         INTENSE - Fertilizer growth control;

·        CORRECT - Fertilizer elements correction; 

·         ADD VALUE  - Fertilizers with high added-value materials; 

·         PHYSIO - Fertilizers with physiological effect;  

·         ASSIST - Additives changing the physical qualities; 

·         ORGANIC - Organic – microbiological products. 

IKAR know how, products and solutions help farmers and partners get a better yield and profits, save time and protect the environment. IKR technologies are presented in twelve countries of the world and the geography of our products is constantly expanding.


·        Our products are the result of the work of specialised European laboratories and IKAR professionals. IKAR liquid fertilizers – concentrated solutions of nutrient materials necessary for the plants.

·        IKAR fertilizers are unique as their formulas and composition are elaborated taking into account the peculiarities of climate, soil and crops in the territories they will be used in. Private R&D centre, plants‘ laboratory and constant communication with distributors and farmers allow immediate response to the market changes and needs.

·        Only premium-quality raw materials are used in the production, which ensures high fertilizer concentration. The plants, due to the use of high-quality raw materials, will avoid phytotoxicity. Strict quality control and modern production lines ensure constant quality of the output products.

·        International IKAR distributors are real professionals in their sphere. IKAR thoroughly selects, trains and cooperates only with tested distributors and partners in each market.

·        Environment-friendly and energy-saving solutions are implemented and applied in the IKAR plant, allowing decreasing the production costs and minimizing the damage to the nature.