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Infra Pro

HQ generation fertilizers with high added value for all outdoor plants. High temperature negatively affects photosynthesis and respiration processes, reduces hormone activity, the plant grows poorly, it reduces leaf area, there are rejected reproductive organs. Infra Pro activates the adaptation of plants to high temperatures and moisture shortages, reduces the effects of stress and faster regenerates physiological functions of plants, regulates the cell wall thickness.

Amino acids 28% [340.0 g/l]
Free amino acids 24% [290.0 g/l]
IKAR formula power* 5 ppm
Density 1,22g/ml


IKAR HiGO heat can be used in mixtures with many fertilizers and pesticides (insecticides, fungicides). Do not use with products containing copper, sulphates, mineral oils and alkaline products (pH> 8). Before mixing it is recommended to make a small amount of the mixture to check whether there is no sediment forming, it is also recommended to spray in a small area in order to check if there is no phytotoxic effect on plants.