• IKAR Bora

IKAR Bora       

Liquid, concentrated, efficiently absorbed fertilizers for the nutritional balance of protein oil plants in the inflorescence and pod formation stages.

The composition of IKAR Bora influences: a more active root renewal - improves the metabolism of food and organic substances, produces more fruit setting - increases the harvest and the amount of pectin, protein, sugar and oil - ensures higher product quality. Increasing the tissue strength - plants become more resistant to droughts, pathogens and pests, prolonging storage time.


Nitrogen (N) 4% [55 g/l]
Boron (B) 12% [170 g/l]
Molybdenum (Mo) 0,5% [7g/l]
Cobalt (Co) 0,0002% [2ppm]
IKAR formula power* 2% [28 g/l]
pH (1:10) 8,0-8,5
Density 1,4-1,45 g/ml