• PerfectPh


The preparation is for adjustment pH of the water used in the solutions. Most of the pesticides and sometimes fertilizers used for spraying have pH > 7, causing deposits forming in the solutions and active substances are poorly absorbed. The acid used in the preparation strongly acidifies the solution. It is used low rate, so it is economically efficient to use for high solution rates through irrigation systems.

Nitrogen (N-NH2) 16% [250 g/l]
Sulfur trioxide (SO3) 43,5% [670 g/l]
Sulphur (S) 17,5% [270 g/l]
pH (1:10) 0-0,02
Density 1,55-1,6 g/ml


Depending on water pH, dosage: 15.0 -50.0 ml/100 l water.


IKAR PerfectPh can be used in mixtures with many fertilizers and pesticides (insecticides, fungicides). Do not use with products containing copper, sulphates, mineral oils and alkaline products (pH> 8). Before mixing it is recommended to make a small amount of the mixture to check whether there is no sediment forming, it is also recommended to spray in a small area in order to check if there is no phytotoxic effect on plants.